Doug Barron


Personal Details


Position: Tail

From: Born in Kennesaw GA
Birthday: 05/19
First jump: August 2003
# Jumps: 6000+
Tunnel Time: A few hundred hours
Former teams: VTSD, Carolina Turbo XP, TurbOcho, XP8, Rhythm8, GKXP
Skydiving Influences: Kirk Verner, Shannon Pilcher, Jan Lane, Craig Girard
Hobbies / Activities: Spending time with my family, hiking, watching The Office, jumping out of planes
Education Degree: Studied Civil engineering at Virginia Tech

How I got into Skydiving: I grew up around the sport.  My father is a jumper and we spent many weekends at the dz learning about the sport and loving the people involved. My father took me on my first two tandems and then I started AFF shortly after that.
What I like best about 4-way: All of it, team togetherness, pushing yourself to be better, developing a training plan and executing it, jumping out of airplanes. 
What I like best about SDC Rhythm XP: My teammates involved in the program, everyone has the same attitude to progress the sport and themselves to the next level. We all push each other to be better people and skydivers it is an amazing program to be involved in! 

Competition History

  • 2019: SDC Rhythm XP - 1st Place USPA Nationals 4 way, 2nd Place World Cup 4way
  • 2019: SDC Rhythm XP - 2nd Place US Indoor Nationals 4 way 
  • 2017:SDC Rhythm XP - 2nd Place USPA Nationals Open
  • 2017: SDC Rhythm XP - 3rd Place FS World Cup, Saarlouis, Germany
  • 2016 Paraclete Indoor Skydiving Championships 3rd place SDC Rhythm XP
  • 2016 USPA 8 way Open 4th place Rhythm8
  • 2016 USPA 16 way National Champions GKXP
  • 2016 USPA 4 way Open 2nd place SDC Rhythm XP2009 USPA 4way Intermediate National Champions VTSD
  • 2015 USPA 4 way Open 4th place Carolina Turbo XP
  • 2014 USPA 8 way Open 3rd place XP8
  • 2104 USPA 16 way Champions GKXP
  • 2104 USPA 4way Open 4th place Carolina Turbo XP
  • 2013 USPA 4way Open 4th place Carolina Turbo XP
  • 2012 USPA 8way Intermediate Champions TurbOcho
  • 2010 USPA 4way Advanced National Champions Carolina Turbo XP