Justin Wageman


Personal Details

Position: Video
Email: justin@rhythmskydiving.com

From: Fargo, ND
Hometown: Bismarck, ND
Birthday: December 5
First jump: 2013
# Jumps: 2000
Tunnel Time: 80 hours
Gear: PD Sabre2 135 and Optimum 149, Cypres 2, Javelin Odyssey, Cookie G4, L&B Ares II and Optima II
Former teams: Team Vector, Jetstream Tango, Octomino, KABOOM 
Skydiving Influences:  Too many to name, but Rhythm—of course! 
Hobbies / Activities: Spanish, travel, educational and coaching research
Occupation: Professor
Education Degree: Ph.D. in teaching and learning

How I got into Skydiving: A friend invited me to do a tandem one day after class. I was hooked. 
What I like best about 4-way: Doing something difficult with teammates in a competitive environment. I’m a goal-oriented person.
What I like best about SDC Rhythm XP: My teammates are experts, at the top of their game, yet down-to-earth and fun people who strive to be the best they can be.
Favorite moments with the team: When everyone is in the flow or “rhythm” and the skydive is amazing. And also, all the humorous moments when we’re together.
Outside of skydiving, one day I hope to: become a pilot

Competition History

  • 2019: 2nd Place World Cup 4way 
  • Nationals (2013-2019) and regional meets