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Skydive Chicago


Skydive Chicago (SDC) is located in Ottawa, IL. The dropzone has all the amenities of a worldclass DZ, while maintaining a friendly welcoming feel. No matter what kind of skydiving you're into, you will find the resources and the people to make it happen.  SDC is Rhythm's home for both training and jump coaching.

Paraclete XP


 Paraclete XP SkyVenture is one of the biggest vertical wind tunnels on the planet.  At 16'4" in diameter (and 51' tall) - you can do any 4-way formation and most 8-way formations with ease and first-time flyers can not only practice flying in place but learn movement over a considerable distance.  All of our tunnel training and coaching happens at Paraclete XP.



 With nearly 30 years of experience making 1000's of harness and container systems, Sun Path is dedicated to building state of the art systems using the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards, while providing the best service in the industry. Sun Path has a history of equipping the top competitors in the sport, and we're proud to be a part of that. 

Performance Designs


 Performance Designs builds the best canopies, with the highest standard of quality in th world.  SDC Rhythm XP is proud to fly Performance Designs canopies. With thousands of jumps on a variety of PD canopies, SDC Rhythm XP team members have grown to love the reliability, durability, and cutting edge design of PD canopies. 



 The word Cypres has virtually become synonymous with AAD over the years. Since 1991, Airtech GMBH has made more than 80,000 Cypres that customers over countless jumps have depended on for its quality and dependability to be their last chance at survival in case of a high-speed malfunction or no-pull situation. It is simple to use, as close to 100% reliable as you can get, and tested in the real world by countless jumpers. When all else fails, we trust our lives with Cypres. 

Larsen & Brusgaard


 Larsen & Brusgaard are makers of the most advanced audible altimeters and other skydiving accessories, and we've enjoyed products like the PRO-TRACK, ARES, VISO, OPTIMA, and QUATTRO as long as we've been skydiving. After years of personal experience, we appreciate the reliability and usability of Larsen & Brusgaard products. We're excited to be a part of the Larsen & Brusgaard team, at the top in its industry. Feel free to ask us about their products! 



 Square1 is focused on providing its customers with a great equipment selection at a great price with excellent customer service. Square1 manufactures the Kiss helmet, the most advanced skydiving helmet on the market.



Rhythm is proud to use Para-Concepts for our rigging needs. The Para-Concepts shop is a full-service rigging loft and store, with the expertise to do repairs and maintenance that many less experienced riggers could not handle.

Skydive Sebastian


 Skydive Sebastian is located on Florida's coast between Orlando and Miami, powered by Skydive Chicago's aircraft but with a friendly, laid-back atmosphere that's entirely its own. The facilities include team rooms, restaurant and bar, an enormous landing area, showers, and a view that can't be beat. On top of that, when Chicago gets 20 inches of snow in a day, it's 74 degrees and sunny in Sebastian. 



 TonySuits has been making skydiving jumpsuits for over 2 decades and is the largest jumpsuit manufacturer in the world. They have the latest technology, allowing them to fit patterns to your body size exactly and to reproduce the exact same suit 2 years later if you wish. Their staff pride themselves in helping to create the most successful jumpsuit business in the world with the best reputation for service and quality in the industry.