Andrew Happick

Personal Details

Position: Point
From: Rock Hill, SC
Hometown: Bel Air, MD
Birthday: 4/4
First jump: October 2006
Jumps: 5500+
Tunnel Time: 300 hrs+ ?
Gear: Javelin Odyssey, Valkyrie 75, PDR 113, Cypres 2, Tony Suit, Pro-track, Quattro, Viso II, Cookie G3
Former teams: Carolina Turbo XP (2010-2015), VTSD (2009)
Skydiving Influences: Jan Lane, Shannon Pilcher, Craig Girard, Kirk Verner
Hobbies / Activities: Fishing, Disc golf, Hiking/Outdoors 
Occupation: Skydiver
Education Degree: Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech
How I got into Skydiving: I had always wanted to to try skydiving, and the summer before attending VT, I won a raffle for a free tandem skydive from the Virginia Tech Skydiving Club.
What I like best about 4-way: Improving and helping others improve!
What I like best about SDC Rhythm XP: The dedication to competition and the sport

Competition History
  • 2022: XP8 – 1st Place World Meet Championships 8 way
  • 2022: XP8 – 1st Place USPA Nationals 8 way, 2nd Place USPA Nationals 4way
  • 2019: SDC Rhythm XP – 1st Place USPA Nationals 4 way, 1st Place 16 way, Overall FS Gold Medal, 2nd Place World Cup 4way, 3rd Place World Cup 8way
  • 2019: XP8 – 1st Place USPA Nationals 8 way
  • 2019: XP8 – 1st place World Indoor Championships 8 way challenge 
  • 2019: XP8 – 1st place US Indoor Nationals 8 way 
  • 2019: SDC Rhythm XP – 2nd Place US Indoor Nationals 4 way 
  • 2018: SDC Rhythm XP – USPA Nationals 2nd place Open 4way, 1st Place Open 8 way, 1st place 16 way, Overall FS Gold Medal
  • 2017:SDC Rhythm XP – 2nd Place USPA Nationals Open
  • 2017: SDC Rhythm XP – 3rd Place FS World Cup, Saarlouis, Germany
  • 2016 Paraclete Indoor Skydiving Championships 3rd place SDC Rhythm XP
  • 2016 USPA 8 way Open 4th place Rhythm8
  • 2016 USPA 16 way National Champions GKXP
  • 2016 USPA 4 way Open 2nd place SDC Rhythm XP2009 USPA 4way Intermediate National Champions VTSD
  • 2015 USPA 4 way Open 4th place Carolina Turbo XP
  • 2014 USPA 8 way Open 3rd place XP8
  • 2104 USPA 16 way Champions GKXP
  • 2104 USPA 4way Open 4th place Carolina Turbo XP
  • 2013 USPA 4way Open 4th place Carolina Turbo XP
  • 2012 USPA 8way Intermediate Champions TurbOcho
  • 2010 USPA 4way Advanced National Champions Carolina Turbo XP