Charlie McGee

Personal Details

Position: Videographer
From: Raleigh, NC
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Birthday: 2/12/92
First Jump: 5/8/16
Jumps: ~3200
Tunnel Time: 60+ hrs
Gear: Javelin NJK, PD Comp Velo 103, PD Optimum 126, Cypres 2, Cookie Fuel, TonySuits, L&B Ares II & ProTrack II
Former teams: Off Cadence, InXPerience, Kaos Theory XP, Not Impact R8td, Prison 9
Skydiving Influences: Doug Barron, Kirk Verner, Dan BC, Craig Girard, Martial Ferré
Hobbies / Activities: Hiking, cooking, working out, aimless cross-country road trips
Occupation: Skydiver
Education Degree: NC State: BS in Accounting, minors in philosophy & mathematics
How I got into Skydiving: I did one tandem with my dad when I was 18, but when I thought about going back for a second on my own, the fun jumper prices were much more enticing on the website than tandems were. Went down the internet rabbit hole and realized you can do this for fun, saved up some money, got my license, and was hooked.
What I like best about 4-way: It’s fast, it’s as competitive as it gets, and the margin for error being practically zero makes for a fun challenge
What I like best about SDC Rhythm XP: I’ve always admired the team for its giveback and support of the skydiving community. I’m a big fan of our analytical approach to body flight, block techniques, and overall training
Favorite moments with the team: Getting ready with the team for rounds 1 & 10 at Nationals 2022 on our home turf at SDC
Outside of Skydiving, one day I hope to: Climb the seven summits, complete an iron man

Competition History
  • 2022: SDC Rhythm XP – 3rd Place 4way USPA Nationals
  • 2022: Prison 9 – 3rd place USPA Nationals 8-way Open
  • 2021: Kaos Theory XP – 1st place USPA Nationals 4-way Intermediate
  • 2021: Not Impact R8d – 1st place USPA Nationals 8-way Intermediate (IC)
  • 2021: Prison Riot – 3rd place USPA Nationals 16-way
  • 2021: Blame it on the Booties – 2nd place Indoor Nationals 4-way Intermediate (OC)
  • 2020: Kaos Theory XP – 1st place Nationals 2.0 4-way Intermediate
  • 2019: InXPerience – 16th place USPA Nationals 4-way Intermediate
  • 2018: Off Cadence – 9th place USPA Nationals 4-way Intermediate (OC)