Team History


Steven Loufek joined the team as Point. The team was able to achieve a 27.6 avg at the USPA Indoor championships and 21.7 at USPA outdoor championships. During that outdoor meet they set a NC state record for highest number of points in a single round.


Team went through a rebuild with Doug being the only returning member. The new members joining the team were Charlie McGee on video, Carl Kallgren IV as point, Chris Webb as tail, and Keith Conner as IC. At the World Meet in Belgium they were able to achieve a 24.1 avg. At USPA Nationals they were able to take Bronze.


A lot happened here. To be updated soon.


So much happened here too and updated soon too.


Doug rejoined the team after his injury, and Justin Wageman joins in video. Elliot Byrd videos for Nationals. Nationals was the highlight of our season, winning first place after an exciting 11th round jump-off against Arizona Airspeed, finishing with a 26.2 average. Andrew and Steve also won first place in 8way with XP8 for the second year in a row. Andrew, Steve, and JaNette won the overall competitor award for the second year in a row. With Doug back, we also achieved team high indoor average of 30.6 at the Paraclete Indoor Championships.


After Doug’s injury in April, Rob Radez stepped in to keep the team going while Doug healed up. Before the injury, we placed 2nd in both the Shamrock Showdown and Paraclete Indoor Championships. At Nationals, we won silver in 4way, while Andrew, JaNette and Steve placed first in 8way with XP8. The three also won the overall competitor award


Adam Elkin joins in video. Rhythm had a great year with a team-high 25.2 average (second place) at US Nationals. Additionally, we placed third at the World Cup in Germany, and first at the XP Indoor Championships. Rhythm8, Doug’s player-coach 8way team came in third in the open class at US Nationals.


Rhythm matches our highest skydiving average after one year with new lineup. Doug and Andrew join the team, and we take on new positions. At US Nationals, the team comes in 2nd with a 23.8, matching our highest average to date. JaNette wins the world meet with the Golden Knights Women’s 4way team. Rhythm comes in 3rd at the Paraclete Indoor championships Rhythm Player-coach 4way and 8way teams medal at US Nationals. Rhythm establishes the Women’s Skydiving Leadership Network, dedicated to advancing women in the sport


Shannon Pilcher serves as coach and videographer. Rhythm has strong performances indoors and outdoors. At US Nationals, the team comes in 2nd with 23.6. At the Bedford World Indoor Challenge, the team places 2nd with 27.3. Player-coach teams include two 4way teams and one 8way team, all competing at US Nationals.  Intermediate 8way team SDC Octomino places 2nd at Nationals. Rhythm again breaks the previous IL State Women’s FS record, with over 40 women


Thad joins for video. Rhythm reaches the podium at two big meets this year. At US Nationals, the team comes in 2nd with 23.6. At the Dubai International Parachuting Championships, the team places 3rd with a 23.8


Christy and Mikhail join the team. At US Nationals, the team comes in 2nd with 22.7. Player-coach teams include two 4way teams and one 8way team, all competing at US Nationals. Rhythm successfully leads the IL State Women’s FS record, with 35 women. Rhythm takes on the role of Midwest Skydiving League director. Under our guidance, the league grows to see the most competitors at a meet ever, multiple times.


Chris joins the team in IC, Alex Bittner in video. Rhythm reaches the open class podium at US Nationals for the first time, with 2nd place (23.8). The team also comes in 2nd place at the Indoor Skydiving Championships in Singapore (30.4).


Our first international jumping competition, Dubai International Parachuting Championships. The team places 3rd in Dubai. We score 21.5 at Nationals, earning 4th place, just one point off the podium.


Thiago joins the team at tail, and Jason Imamura in video. Rhythm’s first full year as full time skydivers. We score 20.5 at Nationals in Open. At Skydive Chicago, Sebastian, and Paraclete XP, coaching and instructional activities expand. Our efforts focus on coaching newer skydivers looking to develop their RW skills, individuals learning 4way, and teams looking for top-level coaching. Rhythm begins the player-coach project with one 4way team and one 8way team


Rob Radez joins as IC. The team moves drop zones. Skydive Chicago is our new summer home, with Skydive Sebastian as our winter DZ. JaNette and Steve quit their regular jobs. Rhythm scores 18.1 at Nationals in Open. Our coaching and instructional efforts grow. Additional events include jumping skills camps as well as more tunnel coaching, team for a day, and boogie organizing


Brian Ball joins the team in IC, and Kevin Naftzger in video. We begin giving back to the skydiving community through team for a day, tunnel coaching workshops at Paraclete XP, scrambles and other organized events. Rhythm scores 16.9 average at USPA Nationals Advanced class, the highest score ever in that division


Rhythm is formed at Chicagoland Skydiving Center with Laurent, JaNette, Steve, player-coach Robert Chromy, and Andy Metcalfe in video. Team training includes 300 jumps and 20 hrs of tunnel training. Team score increased from 10.9 in intermediate at the beginning of the season to 14.5 at Nationals in Advanced (3rd Place)