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Rhythm Tunnel Workshops

SDC Rhythm XP holds workshops throughout the year at the Paraclete XP Tunnel in Raeford, NC, the largest, most powerful wind tunnel in the world. Rhythm has a proven curriculum that was developed over hundreds of tunnel hours and thousands of coached jumps. We have dedicated over a decade of coaching to perfecting our formation skydiving coaching skills. Our workshops focus exclusively on formation skydiving and consist of one-on-one, 4way, and 8way coaching. Between the thorough preparations before each flight, the flying time itself and the in-depth debrief afterwards, a single hour in the wind includes many hours of instruction and review.

If you know you’d like to join us, but you’re not sure exactly what type of flying is right for you, sign up and we will give you a personal call to discuss your options. Our workshops are extremely flexible, and you can pick and choose the amount of flying, the number of days, and the combination of one-on-one, 4way, or 8way that matches your skill level, your available time, and your budget. You do not have to be present for all days of a workshop to attend. We can adjust the schedule to you.

Is a Rhythm Tunnel Workshop for you?

What to expect at a Rhythm Tunnel Workshop

What to expect at a Rhythm Tunnel Workshop

Fundamentals of Formation Skydiving: One-on-One Coaching

The Rhythm one-on-one curriculum includes a clearly defined and systematically laid out lesson plan. Every student has a dedicated coach, and it will be just you and the coach one-on-one in the wind every time. Even before you show up, you’ll be provided with videos and other materials to help prepare you and your coach to make the most out of your experience.

Our curriculum starts with the basic points of motion (forward-back, sideslides, slowfall-fastfall and turns) and builds on that to develop more and more complex flying capabilities. Because we are preparing you for skydiving, we also focus on things like grip taking, referencing with other people, and presenting your body in various orientations like cats, phalanxes, and closed accordions – all terms you will learn during the camp. We also fully understand that each student learns in their own way and comes to us with different skill-sets, and we pride ourselves on customizing our standard curriculum to best fit the needs and interests of the student. We will go as fast or as slow as you need.

During the camp, your time will be split across multiple sessions throughout the day. Before each session your coach will prep a series of drill dives with you, explaining how to do each dive, setting goals and walking through the dive flows. During each session you’ll fly 10 minute-and-a-half flights with your coach (one student with one coach in the wind tunnel at a time), with minute-and-a-half rest between each flight. After the session, you will join your coach for a full debrief of your flights from video, and tailor the next session’s jumps appropriately. At the end of the camp you’ll be able to download your video files. You will also be provided with a detailed assessment of your skills with a clear road map to further progress.

4way and 8way coaching

While one-on-one builds the fundamentals of body flight, 4way and 8way is where we get to play the game! For both 4way and 8way, you can come with a whole group or part of a group, and we can fill in the rest with other students or coaches, depending on your interest and budget. We will pair you up with appropriately skilled flyers. We pride ourselves on fitting the instruction to the participants. We will provide you with materials like 4way and 8way workbooks for you to keep and take notes throughout the workshop. We also provide a detailed assessment of your skills at the end of the workshop with a clear road map to further progress.

Rhythm has deep experience training skydivers who are just starting out in 4way as well top, seasoned competitors. You don’t need any prior 4way experience to join us for 4way, though we do recommend you fly some one-on-one with us if you have never flown 4way before.

Coaching in Spanish is also available. Please ask for more details. If you have a friend or loved one who wants to just join the group and freefly, we can arrange that as well.


Our 4way coaching can consist of 3on1 (three students with one coach), 2on2 (two students with two coaches), and 4 students with the coach outside. We work with students at all levels. Even if you don’t know exactly what’s right for you, sign up and we’ll call you personally to find the best format for you.


8way with Rhythm usually consists of 7on1 (seven students with one coach), 6on2 (six students with two coaches), or 8 students with the coach outside. Just as with 4way, we work with skydivers whose experience ranges from novice to competitive teams.



One student with one coach

Choose from one of these three packages, customize your own

Platinum Package

Three days. Nine 15-minute sessions

Gold Package

Two days. Six 15-minute sessions

Silver Package

One or two days. Four 15-minute sessions

15 minute add-on

Adjust any package in 15-minute increments



Our fourway coaching is based on hour flown, and vary based on the number of coaches involved. Prices are per person, per hour flown

Four way team

Four students with the coach outside


Three students flying with one coach


Two students flying with two coaches



Our 8way coaching is based on hour flown, and vary based on the number of coaches involved. Prices are per person, per hour flown

8 way team

Eight students with the coach outside


Seven students flying with one coach


Six students flying with two coaches