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Rhythm holds a variety of jumping events throughout the year for those who are interested in a lot of fun with a strong focus on learning as well.  We emphasize a low pressure, highly positive environment.  We run a variety of types of events to meet all skill levels and interests.

Below are a few examples

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Check out our calendar to find the event that’s right for you.

Big Ways

Our big way events range from beginner workshops geared toward the fundamentals of big-way flying to advanced invitationals that will challenge even the most seasoned skydiver.
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10-20 Ways

10-20 ways are a great transition size for those looking to break into larger formation skydiving. These events are large enough to work on big way skills, but small enough to allow for challenging, multi-point dives.
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8Way Skills

Learn the fundamentals of 8way, including it’s challenging exit and all the fun formations just like you would do at a competition.
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4Way Skills

4way is the most popular discipline in skydiving, and for good reason. It combines fast flying with fun and challenging moves that require great teamwork. Whether you’d just like to see what it’s all about, or you have serious competition goals, Rhythm can help you get where you want to go.
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Rookie Skills

Enjoy a low pressure experience that’s a lot of fun with a lot of learning! These events are geared specifically toward newer skydivers just off student status and those who are interested in developing their basic skills in a small-group experience. No prior experience necessary beyond an A-license. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to gain comfort exiting and flying with others.
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4Way Competitions

The MWSL (Midwest Skydiving League) runs 4way competitions throughout northern IL and Wisconsin. Fully formed teams can sign up as well as individuals looking to do a pickup team. No prior 4way experience is needed, and with a professional coach at every event, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to learn a lot and have a great time!
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