Chris Webb

Personal Details

Position: Tail
From: Colorado
Birthday: Oct 4
First jump: 2012
Jumps: 2000+
Tunnel Time: so many hours
Gear: Javelin Odyssey, Katana 107, Optimum 126, Cypres2, Pro-Track2, Ares2, Cookie, TonySuit
Former teams: FBRD, TSC Cadence-ish, TSC Cadence, Lucky Chris, SDC Rhevolution XP, and lots of pick up teams.
Skydiving Influences: Kirk Verner, Jeana Billings, Doug Barron, Steve and JaNette, Andrew Don Hurd Jr.
Hobbies / Activities: Cooking, Reading comics, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Gaming
Occupation: Skydiver
Education Degree: Masters in Software Engineering from UAH, Bachelors in Computer Engineering from UAH
How I got into Skydiving: Decided one day that my sisters and I needed to do a tandem. After college, I sold my motorcycle to pay for my license.
What I like best about 4-way: When the team is just flowing through a jump and everyone is crushing it.
What I like best about SDC Rhythm XP: Pushing through all the hard training and know that we have each other’s back and then seeing the progress.
Favorite moments with the team: After a hard day of training, we share a meal
Outside of Skydiving, one day I hope to: slightly outside of skydiving but fly some planes

Competition History
  • 2022: SDC Rhythm XP – 3rd Place 4way USPA Nationals.
  • 2022: Carolina Gr8ness – 3rd place Int USPA Nationals 8way
  • 2022: XP 16 – 1st place USPA Nationals 16way
  • 2021: SDC Rhevolution XP – 2nd place Adv USPA Nationals
  • 2021: SDC Rhevolution XP – 1st place Adv US Indoor Nationals
  • 2021: 2nd place Int 8way US Indoor Nationals
  • 2020: SDC Rhevolution XP – 1st place Adv 4way Nationals in Arizona
  • 2020: Lucky Chris – 3rd place 4way Int US Indoor Nationals
  • 2020: 1st place 8way Int US Indoor Nationals
  • 2019: 2np place 4way Int US Indoor Nationals